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FAQ - freqeuntly asked questions - business

FAQ - freqeuntly asked questions - business

We publish here answers to most common questions of customers. If you haven´t found an answer to your question here, please contact us on e-mail or phone number adduced in section Company - Contacts


I didn´t find part XXXXX in the offer. Is it possible to get it for me?


The company Motopoint Pontic SRL. and its business partners supply via their e-shop www.motonet.bg only parts of brands presented in the section Documentation / Range. If you didn´t find a part for your bike from some of presented groups of products , e.g. spark plug or oil filter, it could be because of two reasons:

1) The brand doesn´t have the part for your bike in the offer
2) The electronic assigning system haven´t been completed yet (it concerns mostly new models of actual year or brands, that are not active in the catalogue – written in black letters)
In this case, contact us on e-mail in the section Contacts.

We don´t supply products of other brands.

We continuously spread our offer a give notice about that in the section Actualities on the headline.


I didn´t find my motorcycle in the database

Our database of motorcycles is continually updated. Although, it could happen that you won´t find your motorcycle. It could happen because it is a new model of actual year, which has not been put into the database yet, or a less usual type in Europe, which is not usually presented in parts catalogue of the manufacturers we supply and we didn´t put it into the database because of that. In this case, send us a request on the demanded part on the e-mail address in the section Contacts.


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