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Founded in 1941 as a general roller-chain manufacturer, Enuma Chain is headquartered in Kaga, Japan, an industrial area near Komatsu on Japan’s west coast. Long a technological innovator, in 1974 Enuma introduced the world’s first sealed O-ring chain, a design that dramatically extended chain life by inhibiting lubricant loss. This breakthrough quickly became the standard throughout the motorcycle industry, and led to today’s high-tech EK Quadra-X Ring chains that further prolong durability while reducing friction.
EK factoryEK
But motorcycle chains are only part of the story. Enuma chains can be found throughout the world in a variety of applications, including farming equipment, conveyor systems, vending machines, automobiles and a variety of manufacturing environments. Among Enuma’s major customers are Kawasaki (OEM motorcycle chain supplier), Kubota (construction equipment), Iseki (tractors), Matsushita Electric and Mitsubishi.
Quality is an obsession at Enuma Chain. In 1997, the company was certified to ISO 9001 quality-management standards. This certification recognizes the high standards of our quality assurance system, and reinforces our guarantees of safety and precision in every product we sell.
Research and development at Enuma have always focused on creating technological breakthroughs and developing original ideas. Our invention of the O-ring sealed chain was based on years of accumulated technology, exemplifying a relentless commitment to innovation that continues to drive everything we do.

Our organization will continuously strive toward new ways of thinking, to maintain an always new and proactive position in the marketplace, planning our enterprise development in accordance to the changes of our times.
We will strive unceasingly in the pursuit of complete confidence in the quality and value-added creativity of products which contribute to a better world.






Quadra-X Ring (QX-Ring)

Great Wear Resistance!

Quadra-X Ring design reduces friction by as much as 40% because of smaller contact area. The X-Ring’s 4 point contact patch also offers better sealing than conventional o-rings. Lab tests show the Quadra-X ring chains last 50% longer than a standard O-ring chain!


Color Options

Attrack Eyes!
EK offers some chains in special powder coated colors. These chains make your motorcycle good looking and cool. Dress up your motorcycle!

Color availability
Gold, Chrome, Red, Blue, Green, Black, Yellow, Purple, White, Orange, Pink
Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver, Metallic Red, Metallic Blue, Metallic Green, Metallic Orange


CRH Pin Treatment

Rigid And Long Life!

EK’s exclusive CRH pin treatment provides an extremely hard outside coating and softer inside to increase strength and reduce chain wear. The Chromium Carbide pin surface coating also offers superior impact and shock absorption while reducing oxidation caused by natures elements.

CRH pin is equipped on the following products.
・420SH, 428SHDR, 520MRDL6, 520MRD6(For Motocross)
・520RX(For Road Racing)
・530DR2, 530DRZ2(For Drag Racing)


Zero Stretch Technology

No Initial Elondation!

EK Chain’s Zero Stretch Technology (ZST) eliminates measurable chain stretch during the first 1000km of use. ZST puts an end to the hassle of constant chain adjustments after the initial break-in period when most chain stretch occurs. Zero Stretch Technology is standard on all ZZZ and 520RXO.

Screw Type Master Link

Easy installation for your new Chain!

EK’s screw type master links do not require any special tools for installation. This unique patented link gives a rivet-like fit, using only an 8mm wrench and a pair of pliers.


Lightening Holes

EK's Original Technology

Lightening holes on the side plates

  1. Reduce the chain’s overall weight by 3%, without compromising tensile strength.
  2. Extend the service life by dissipating heat.
  3. Helping reduce dirt and mud build-up.




Chain Cutting & Riveting Tool (CRT50)

Professional Chain Tool

EK’s chain tool is machined from solid billet hardened steel and designed to last for a lifetime of service. This tool can be used to drive out pins when removing old chains and installing your new chain with the included clamping plates.




EK’s heavy duty non-sealed chains offer another option for smaller displacement motorcycle owners. The heavy duty version of our non-sealed chains offer increased wear life compared to the standard non-sealed versions.

Available colors: gold.
Versions: 420SR, 428SR


Versions: 420H, 428H, 520H, 525H, 530H



EK’s standard non-sealed chains are manufactured to meet or exceed our strict quality control requirements. Almost any small motorcycle can now benefit from EK’s race proven product line. EK’s commitment to providing a top quality product at a reasonable price is second to none.
Versions: 420, 428, 520, 525, 530, 630



Our Supreme Quadra-X Ring Chains, The Ideal OE Replacement.
EK’s MVXZ Quadra-X Ring chain is the ideal replacement chain for any 600 to 1000cc street bike. Features like lightening holes in the sideplates, large-diameter pins, and friction-reducing Quadra-X Rings help ensure high-performance and from 1 1/2 to 2 times increased wear life when compared to a standard O-Ring chain.

Available colors: gold

Versions: 520 MVXZ, 525 MVXZ, 530 MVXZ, (ZST)



The Premium All-Around Quadra-X Ring Chains

The SRX series chains are an excellent value for any street machine. The SRX chains feature lightening holes, reduced friction and Quadra X-Ring design which increases chain life from 1 1/2 to 2 times longer than a standard O-Ring chain.

Versions: 520 SRX, 525 SRX, 530 SRX



A Quality O-Ring Chain At An Affordable Price.
The SRO series chains offer a value-priced O-ring chain that will not compromise on quality or durability. Features include lightening holes, high-tech heat-treated steel alloys and all the exact same quality and craftsmanship that EK puts into their entire product line.

Versions: 428 SROZ, 520 SRO5, 520 SROZ, 525 SROZ, 530 SROZ, 630 SRO



The Ultimate Sport Bike Chain.
In a direct comparison to all other premium chains, the EK ZVX easily surpasses every other brand with a tensile strength of 10,560 lbs. The ZVX features EK’s Quadra-X Ring design to increase wear life and reduce friction for maximum engine performance. If you own a Hayabusa, ZX-14 or any of the new generation of 180hp literbikes the 530ZVX is the chain you need.

Available colors: gold.
Versions: 428ZVX, 520ZVX, 525ZVX2, 530 ZVX2, 532 ZVX




The Pinnacle Of Chain Technology.

Ultra Strong
The ZZZ chain features a revolutionary new side plate profile that more effectively distributes the load onto the side plate. This innovative design gives the 530ZZZ chain an incredible 11,100lb. tensile strength without increasing weight(4.85 lbs. per 100 links).
Zero Stretch
EK’s proprietary Zero Stretch Technology (ZST) virtually eliminates initial chain stretch. No chain adjustment is needed in the first 1000km of use.

Versions: 520ZZZ. 525ZZZ, 530ZZZ



The Finest Motocross Chains For The Worlds's Fastest Racers
All EK motocross chains utilize our CRH pin treatment which provides an extremely hard outside coating and softer inside to increase strength and reduce chain wear.

Versions: 420SH, 428SHDR, 520MRD6, 520MRDL6





The Undisputed Leader In Drag RacingTechnology
EK has been known as the “legend of drag racing chains.” In the drag racing community, EK is the only reliable choice for serious racers who desire to break records in any class.When it comes to drag racing, no other chain manufacturer can match EK’s record for dependability, strength and having the fastest chain in the world! From professional top fuel drag racers to local amateurs, everyone agrees EK is the only logical choice.

Versions: 530DR2, 530DRZ2, 630MS, 630SHB, 630SHBZ




When second place isn’t an option, choose an RXO series chain. The RXO’s race proven design is a product of countless hours of testing and actual road races.

Versions: 520RXO






RXO/SM feature an incredibly narrow 18.90mm chain width (the narrowest of any 520 sealed chains) without sacrificing strength or dependability.

Versions: 520RXO/SM






Because these chains do not use sealing rings, you will benefit from reduced friction and increased performance making them ideal for sprint racers. The RX chains are similar to the RXO line without the Quadra-X Ring seals, saving nearly half-a-pound versus their sealed counterparts.

Versions: 415SHDR, 520RX, 530RX
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